Strip | Clean | Seal

Quality Stone Restoration's Saltillo Services Include:

Professional Stripping

Professional Cleaning

Protective Coating

Saltillo Stripping

Quality Stone Restoration knows the challenges that come with working on saltillo sealed with topical treatments.  Saltillo is very sensitive to excessive moisture and agitation, so we are careful not to oversaturate or scrub too aggressively, as that would cause irreversible damage to the tile.   The longer saltillo has been coated with a topical treatment, the more challenging it is to remove.  In some situations it can be impossible to entirely remove these sealers.  During your consultation, we will go over limitations and likely outcomes.  During your project, we will educate you on best practices in maintaining and cleaning your saltillo to keep it looking good.

Saltillo Cleaning

Our technicians know to take special care with saltillo, as it is a highly sensitive, easy-to-damage material.  Before cleaning, it is essential to make sure the saltillo has thoroughly dried after any stripping procedures to ensure it does not damage from oversaturation.  Our advanced cleaning procedure will delicately, but effectively, clean saltillo tiles, as well as the often difficult grout lines.

Protective Saltillo Sealing

Quality Stone Restoration can apply a variety of sealers to your saltillo.  We typically recommend topical sealers for saltillo, as the sealer takes the wear instead of the tiles.  For a more natural look, we can apply a high quality penetrating sealer.  Contact us for a free consultation.

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