Cracked Granite


Repair Done Right

Cracked Granite Repair

Quality Stone Restoration performs advanced, long-lasting repairs on cracked granite.  One of the most common repairs we work on are cracks formed in front of and behind sinks.  On the underside of these narrow pieces of granite, fabricators imbed a rod to increase strength during trasportation and installation.  Often times metal is used.  If the metal becomes exposed to moisture, usually through failed caulking, it will rust, expand, and cause a crack.  Once the crack forms, it is necessary to properly repair the granite as soon as possible, as the crack, if left unaddressed, will quickly worsen.

Cracked granite
Repaired cracked granite

So what can be done about it?

It is an involved process to properly repair this type of crack.  Quality Stone Restoration sends out only experienced technicians to handle it correctly.  First, we remove the rusted metal rod that has caused the crack; without the rod removal, any repair will be temporary at best. To access the rod, we remove the pieces of granite around the crack.  Then, the rusted portion of the rod is cut out.  Next, all of the pieces are epoxied and clamped together.  On the surface of the repair, multiple color tints are used to help minimize the appearance of the repair. The area is then ground flat and honed with multiple stages using diamond abrasives until ready for the final polish. We then polish, seal, and re-caulk the sink with 100% silicone caulking, usually clear.

Cracked granite
Repaired cracked granite

Can I do anything to prevent cracked granite in other areas?


We recommend you take steps to ensure the metal rod doesn’t get wet.  The most effective way to do this is to make sure all caulking is in good condition.  If it looks at all deteriorated or discolored, it’s a great idea to re-caulk.  This is not the be all, end all of prevention, but is a cost effective way to reduce the risk of future repairs.

Cracked granite
Repaired cracked granite

What Should I Watch Out For?

Not all companies are prepared to properly take on this type of project.  Many will simply fill the crack with epoxy, and that is the extent of the work they do.  Even if it’s ground flush and polished, the repair will eventually fail. When the time comes that it cracks again, the next repair will have more limitations, be more visible, and the area will be weaker than if the proper repair had been done in the first place.  If you want a strong, long-lasting repair, call Quality Stone Restoration.

There are limitations to everything, every project is different, and no project is perfect.  Give us a call, text, or email to set up a time for a no-cost, in-home assessment, and we will be happy to discuss what we can do for your cracked granite.

Visit our granite page to read about other services we offer.

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