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Quality Stone Restoration's limestone services include:

Signature Service

Professional Cleaning



Protective Sealing

Color Enhancement

Chip Repair

Lippage Removal

Flooring, Counter Tops, Showers

Limestone Cleaning

All stones need to be professionally cleaned from time to time, and, due to how porous limestone may be the most in need.  Porous stones can need more frequent and more advanced cleaning, especially if it has less than a polish.  With our techniques and cleaning agents, we can give you a thorough clean that will not change the surface of the stone, or a more rejuvenate clean that will lightly restore and freshen up your limestone.

Limestone Honing

It is very common for limestone to be left at a honed or satin finish level.  If you like the more natural look, we can remove the damages that can occur with calcite based stones, and leave that warm, gentle glow.

Limestone Polishing

If you prefer your limestone to be uncommon, let Quality Stone Restoration bring your stone up to a full polish. If you want to take it to the max, limestone responds better to our Signature Service than other stones.

Protective Limestone Sealing

After undergoing a project like limestone restoration, it’s a very good idea to seal the stone with a high quality penetrating sealer. From super effective, long-lasting, low VOC solvent based sealers, to highly effective water based sealers with anti-microbea protection, we have the sealer for your limestone.  We can also apply a quality color enhancing sealer to bring out beautiful color in your honed or satin limestone.

Polished limestone

Limestone Chip Repair

Chips can happen to any stone, and limestone is no exception. We have the options to make that repair blend as well as possibly with the surrounding stone.

Limestone Lippage Removal

Like any other stone, lippage is common with tile installation.  Also like any other stone, the impact of a level floor, devoid of all lippage, is hard to overestimate.  When you’re ready to turn your floor into a showroom, give Quality Stone Restoration a call, we can get your floor there.

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