Strip | Clean | Seal

Quality Stone Restoration's Slate Services Include:

Professional Stripping

Professional Cleaning

Protective Sealing / Color Enhancing

Slate Stripping

Quality Stone Restoration provides thorough stripping of topical sealers.  While not completely recommended, topical sealers are not uncommon on slate, as most slates will not take on a shine any other way.  Stripping topical sealers off porous surfaces can be challenging; while the sealer is still wet, it absorbs a little into the stone, making 100% removal unlikely.  Cleaning alone is usually not enough to make much of an impact on a stone sealed like this.  For the best overall result, these types of sealers must be removed as much as possible.  With our products, tools, and equipment, we can strip off old topical sealers, exposing the stone itself to then be properly cleaned and resealed.

Slate Cleaning

Stripping alone is not always enough to get your slate as clean as possible.  That’s where Quality Stone Restoration’s advanced cleaning procedure comes in.  All stones can react differently to cleaning agents, but our top-quality, highly effective solutions applied by our trained technicians will achieve the best results possible.

Protective Slate Sealing/Color Enhancing

Quality Stone Restoration can apply a variety of sealers to meet your needs. More than any other stone, slate can look stunning when enhanced with a quality color enhancer. If you want the deep, rich, luxurious color of an enhanced slate, we can achieve that look for you.  If you prefer a more natural color, we also offer a variety of top-quality penetrating sealers that will not change your slate’s appearance.

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