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Quality Stone Restoration's travertine services include:

Signature Service

Professional Cleaning



Protective Sealing

Color Enhancement

Void/Chip Repair

Lippage Removal

Flooring, Counter Tops, and Showers

Travertine Cleaning

We offer thorough cleaning services to eliminate years of built-up soil, grit, and grime.  Over time, patinas can form, leaving an artificial and dingy shine.  Our cleaning process removes that patina, leaving the actual finish of the stone unchanged.  We can also employ techniques that provide a light restoration without going through all of the steps of a full hone and polish.

Travertine Honing

Quality Stone Restoration can take care of fine scratches, or even deep scratches, etch marks, and years of wear.  We use quality diamond abrasives to remove these issues, restoring your travertine to a more uniform finish.  From the warm, gentle glow of a quality hone, up to a brilliant high shine with superior clarity, or anywhere in between, Quality Stone Restoration is equipped to meet your needs.

Travertine Polishing

We can achieve an outstanding, high level shine for your travertine.  When combined with our Signature Service, that shine will last longer, and be more well protected.

Protective Travertine Sealing

After the travertine has undergone the steps most important to you, it is important to make sure your surfaces are easy to maintain.  We offer a variety of sealers to meet your priorities.  Whether you want a low VOC solvent based sealer that will have your floor useable in almost no time, or a water-based sealer enhanced with antimicrobial protection, or if you want to bring out rich color on a honed finish with a high-grade color enhancing sealer, Quality Stone Restoration can set you up with protection that lasts.

Polished travertine

Travertine Void Repair

Travertine naturally has many, many voids running throughout the entirety of the stone.  Normally, they are filled in a factory setting, but it is not uncommon for fills to become dislodged by traffic, furniture, or excessive water pressure used by some less experienced cleaners.  There are a variety of materials that can be used depending on the size of the voids, whether excessive water will be present, and if you want the fills to have a reflection or not.  Quality Stone Restoration can repair dirt-collecting voids with any of our services.

Travertine Lippage Removal

To one degree or another, lippage is almost always present, but more often than not, it’s not very distracting. When lippage is more excessive than you would prefer, Quality Stone Restoration can grind it level, fill the voids that will become exposed, and bring the finish level to what you desire. As professionals, we know there is a point when lippage removal becomes ill-advised. Removing too much material can severely weaken the travertine to the point that it crumbles. This is more of a danger to travertine than other stones due to all of the voids of varying sizes that run through the entire tile. Talk with us, and we’ll advise you on the likelihood of that happening.

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